"I had the good fortune to win your donated flower arrangement at the Brookfield Plant Swap last week.  It was lovely, and was swooned over by several people at the swap.
"I have admired your handiwork before at the home of our mutual friend,  Catherine Menninger.  It was nice to have your creation bringing beauty to my home.  Thank you for sharing your talents with others."
"Last year at this time I was busy putting the finishing touches on a large family wedding.  Less than 24 hours before our first event, an evening cocktail party, I realized we had no centerpieces for the tables and highboys we would be using.  I called Cindy Frymark in a panic and she agreed to save the day.
"The centerpieces she created were incredibly beautiful; simple and artistic in line and form, which fit perfectly with the prairie style architecture of the building.  I needed 16 centerpieces, Cindy chose to make eight different floral designs, two of each.  They were similar enough in style and color to tie together well throughout the room, but unique enough to draw the eye to the differences in each one.
"I was thrilled!  In fact, there wasn't a single centerpiece left at the end of the party.  Everyone had spirited them away to enjoy at home.  People were still commenting about them throughout the weekend.  Cindy's flowers really made the room "pop" and her ability to pull it together in one day still amazes me.  I'll always be grateful."

The Beauty of Nature Expressed in Unique Floral Creations
-- Lynn Pisaro
--Jane Yount

"While I have a creative and artistic flair of my own, it seems that I am incapable of producing a presentable floral arrangement!  I had spoken with Cindy regarding an arrangement that I had wanted for my front entryway.  I had a number of requirements, such as matching my new artwork, matching the colors in the entryway rug, blending with the colors in the adjacent dining room, and making the flowers a focal point without being too large on the entry table.  Some designers might have balked at this list, but Cindy returned with the perfect arrangement that surpassed my expectations!  She is quite the master of this profession, and I willl certainly be calling her again."
-- Diane Dargis
"Cindy has an eye for the dramatic and a sense of what would be perfect for the occasion.  Her creative style and knowledge of plant materials renders spectacular results. Cindy's fresh and innovative work boasts not only beauty, but longevity. As a longtime customer, I continue to be thrilled with each new arrangement."
--Jane Booth

At Frymark Floral Designs, listening to and collaborating with clients is the key to creating beautiful results.

Many thanks to these clients for sharing their impressions.  All clients are welcome to share their testimonials by using the Contact Form on this site.